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The best skate shops in Barcelona

Skating is in fashion worldwide and Barcelona is undoubtedly one of the world capitals of skating in all its forms.

Barcelona and skates are a winning combination due to its large number of bike lanes, skating areas and its fantastic climate.

This means that both the people of Barcelona, as well as many and many people from all over the world, take the opportunity to skate through the wonderful streets of Barcelona and, incidentally, visit and buy in the best skate shops in the city.

And it is that although electronic commerce is already something daily in our lives, skates are a type of product that is always better to test on site.

The best skate shops in Barcelona (alphabetical order)

Below we list the best skate shops in Barcelona so that you have better references about them.


Barovari has been offering skating products for many years, although specialized above all in hockey and artistic. It has some inline skates but basically entry-level or mid-range fitness skates.

Web: https://www.barovari.com/

Adress: Gran Via de Carles III, 8-10 – 08028 Barcelona

Tel.  93 490 75 66

Doop Shop

Doop Shop is the official Doop skate shop worldwide and is primarily an online store. Now, thanks to an agreement with the Inercia store, it exhibits its products, the famous Doop skates, on the shelves of the Inercia store.

Web: https://doopshop.com/

Adress: c/Roger de Flor, 10 – 08018 Barcelona

Tel. 93 185 54 14


Inercia is one of the largest and most famous stores internationally for skates and all kinds of sliding products. Both local and foreign skaters are ecstatic to see so many in-line skates and quad or 4-wheel skates exposed on its walls.

They also have longboards, skates, scooters and a host of accessories and spare parts.

Also noteworthy is its outlet space of more than 40 m2 with some impressive offers.

If you can’t visit them, they have one of the most powerful online stores internationally.

They also have skates for rent and a very professional skate repair service.

They do not offer skating classes, but have an agreement with the prestigious Official Skating School, giving away skating classes for the purchase of skates.

Web: https://www.inercia.com/

Adress: c/Roger de Flor, 10 – 08018 Barcelona

Tel. 93 486 92 56

L’Estel Skates

Shop very specialized in figure skating and hockey. Inline skates have few products and only focused on artistic.

That is, if your thing is figure skating, this is the place to go!

Web: https://www.lestelskates.com/

Adress: Carrer Canigó, 3 – 08031 Barcelona

Tel. 93 427 44 36


Rodats is another family shop focused mainly on urban skating and, especially, Freestyle Slalom. Linked to the skating school of the same name, it offers skating courses and classes.

You will not find a large assortment of skates, but the deal is close and you can spend time if you are looking for customization or very specific advice.

Web: https://rodats.com/

Adress: Casp 75 Bajos Tienda 1 – 08013 Barcelona

Tel. 93 265 12 76


Roex is a small but cozy shop located in the Center de la Vila shopping center in Vila Olímpica. They work with very few brands and their assortment is rather scarce, but they make up for it with personalized attention for the customer who is looking for a lot of personalization and detail. They only work with inline skates and mainly with hard boots, so there is not much to choose from if it is not the type of product you are looking for. They also offer free skating lessons and are famous for their funny videos on social media.

Web: https://www.roex.es/

Adress: Carrer de Salvador Espriu 63C – 08005 Barcelona

Tel. 93 221 43 21

Rollergrind 360

Rollergrind is a skate shop specialized mainly in inline skates. Although their assortment is not very large, it is a place where they can customize the skates to your liking. They also offer skating courses for both children and adults and in summer they organize camps for children.

It is a very close store that supplies its lack of stock and variety with the personalized service of its sellers.

Web: https://rollergrind360.com/

Adress: Carrer de Castella, 15-17 – 08018 Barcelona

Tel. 93 162 04 42 

Skating Outlet

Skating Outlet is a store linked to the Inercia store, with more than 40 m2 dedicated only to outlet, sample or used skates. It also has very interesting offers on accessories and accessories. On numerous occasions you can find skates, wheels or skating accessories with a little mark or discoloration, but at a great discount. The good thing is that it is attached to the Inercia store, so if you go and don’t find just the bargain skates you were looking for, you can go to the Inercia skate shop and finish off the play.

Web: http://skating-outlet.com/

Adress: c/Roger de Flor, 10 – 08018 Barcelona

Tel. 93 486 92 56

Tot patí

All a veteran in the city of Barcelona. Founded in 1980, it has remained faithful to its philosophy of a family and local skating shop. Especially focused on figure skating for quad skates and traditional hockey. You will not find practically anything about inline skates, but if what you are interested in is a good advice on quad skates, this is your place.

Web: http://www.totpati.com/

Adress: C/ Escocia 110 – 08016 Barcelona.

Tel. 93 408 37 99 

Which skate shop is the best?

The question is complicated since each of the skate shops in Barcelona provide something different.

If what you are looking for are 4-wheel skates, especially artistic and hockey, you should go to Barovari, L’Estel Skates or Tot Patí.

If you are looking for a great variety of models and brands and have the certainty of finding what you are looking for, both in-line skates and quads or 4 wheels, there is no doubt, your store is Inercia since it is unrivaled by assortment and variety.

On the other hand, if you are looking for offers and outlet skates at a very low price, you cannot miss Skating Outlet that, remember, makes a wall with Inertia and thus ensures the shot.

Last but not least, if you are looking for highly personalized advice, without large crowds of people but giving up having a wide variety of models, your stores are Rollergrind360, Rodats o Roex.

Note: In this article we have ignored large surfaces such as Decathlon or El Corte Inglés, which sell everything and skates, we do not consider that they have space in an article dedicated to specialized skating stores.

More skate shops in Barcelona: the opinion of our followers

If you know more skate or skating shops and / or want to leave a reference to any of them, you can do so in the comments of this article. We are very interested in knowing your opinion !!!

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