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epic grind shoes

Epic gind shoes – The shoes to grind and do tricks are back

Can you imagine being able to do all kinds of rail tricks with a pair of sneakers? With the Epic grind shoes this is now a reality!

Origin of the Epic grind shoes

The most veteran of rollerblading or aggressive skating will remember the mythical Soap shoes, shoes that appeared in the 90s that had a replaceable plate on the sole and that were a phenomenon.

For various reasons, the brand all disappeared even though it has been very popular.

During these years, another sneaker brand took over with a similar but somewhat more peculiar model. The shoe brand Heelys, known for making shoes with a wheel in the heel, released a model with plates for grinding. On this occasion, the expected success was not achieved and they only lasted a few seasons.

Therefore, we have had to wait until 2022 for the brand of Powerslide sliding products to decide to embark on the project of relaunching shoes with grind plates and a totally current design, the Epic grind shoes!

What are Epic grind shoes?

The new Epic shoes are, above all, very nice and quality shoes, which you can use as normal walking shoes, but since they have a plastic bridge at their base, you will be able to perform all kinds of sliding tricks on railings, curbs, etc. and other urban elements.

There will be 4 models available:

What can you do with Epic grind shoes?

The Soap shoes were released with a very focused focus on the aggressive skating community of skaters. It was the time of the rollerblading boom and there was a whole very powerful industry behind it.

The creators of the Epic shoe, all inspired by the Soap shoe, have gone much further with the vision that its reach can be extended much further. No longer just a shoe for aggressive skaters, but also for skateboarders, scooter riders, parkourers and all kinds of urban athletes.

Where to buy Epic Grind Shoes sneakers?

The Epic shoes will arrive in very limited quantities and only a few stores will be able to sell them.

If you want to secure a pair, the best thing is that you place your orders now by following this link:

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